Bermudagrass by Barenbrug

Quick to establish and best-suited for full sun locations, bermudagrass is heat-tolerant and capable of developing a deep, extensive root system. When fully established, bermudagrass requires significantly less water than traditional cool season species to provide a quality turf surface. Both stoloniferous and rhizomatous, bermudagrass exhibits high density strong traffic tolerance and excellent traffic recovery when mowed at 1" or lower. 

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Elite Seeded Bermudagrass
  • Highly ranked in 2013 NTEP
  • Unique combination of exceptional winter-hardiness and wear tolerance
  • Quick spring green-up and late fall color retention
  • Excellent density
  • Genetically darker green color
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PanAm Blend

Improved Bermudagrass Blend
  • Versatile, economical blend for increased success
  • Improved turf quality across a wide-range of bermudagrass adaptation. 
  • Bargusto - for improved traffic tolerance
  • Transcontinental - for improved cold tolerance
  • Chilly Verde - for rapid establishment and improved drought tolerance
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