Chilly Verde

Common Bermudagrass

  • Excellent for lawns, sports fields, fairways, and all general bermuda uses
  • Adapted to wide range of soil types: pH 4.8-8.0
  • Good summer turf quality
  • Improved cold tolerance
  • Very fast establishing


    Chilly Verde is a bermudagrass that can adapt to various regions and climates. Bred in North Carolina, it has improved cold tolerance and has adapted to multiple soil types and pH ranges from 4.5-8.0. Chilly Verde establishes rapidly, has an aggressive spreading habit, and exhibits excellent heat and drought tolerance. Chilly Verde is an ideal choice for a variety of applications including home lawns, sports fields and golf fairways.



    For ease of handling and planting, Chilly Verde also features Barenbrug's proprietary Yellow Jacket® enhanced seed coating. Yellow Jacket utilizes superabsorbant technology to produce a coating that can hold up to 600 times its own weight in water. The results provide fast, uniform germination and early growth, with reduced water requirements during early establishment.