PanAm Blend

Bermudagrass Seed Blend

  • Versatile blend for economy and improved turf quality across a wide-range of bermudagrass adaptation. 
  • Fine leaved turf, with moderate density, and medium green color 
  • Includes Bargusto for improved traffic tolerance
  • Includes Panama for fast establishment 
  • Includes Transcontinetal for improved cold tolerance 
  • Ideal for the improvement of older common bermudagrass turf and all 'low maintenance' bermuda turf areas and uses.
  • PanAm bermudagrass blend is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast 'SuperCharged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded


    PanAm provides high quality turf that is genetically advanced and provides a very high quality turf compared to common bermudagrass. PanAm has a medium green color with excellent heat and drought tolerance. With excellent recovery ability PanAm has good frost tolerance and exhibits early spring green-up.