PanAm Blend

Common Bermudagrass Blend

  • PanAm bermudagrass blend is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast 'SuperCharged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded
  • Ideal for the improvement of older common bermudagrass turf and all 'low maintenance' bermuda turf areas and uses.
  • Fine leaved turf, with moderate density, and medium green color 


  • Includes 40% Bargusto for improved traffic tolerance
  • Includes 40% Transcontinetal for improved cold tolerance 
  • Includes 20% Chilly Verde for rapid establishment and excellent heat and drought tolerance


    The PanAm Brand of improved seeded common bermudagrasses provides a high-quality turf suitable for golf fairways, tees, intermediate-roughs, and driving ranges. Also ideal for lawns, green belts, and parks and rec turf situations, PanAm is an economical blend of seeded turf-type bermudagrasses. PanAm contains strong genetic diversity that can be applied across various regions within the United States.  PanAm can be very versatile, benefiting the end-user in the following ways:


    • Improved turf quality
    • Medium-dark green color
    • Excellent heat and drought tolerance
    • Good traffic tolerance
    • Good frost tolerance
    • Early spring green-up
    Seeding Rate (lbs.)
    Seeds Per Pound
    Mowing: Recommendation (in.)
    Mowing: High Input Min. (in.)