Fine Fescues by Barenbrug

With a very fine leaf texture, low growth characteristics and exceptional density, fine fescues are a common component of shade mixtures, erosion control blends, and low-maintenance turf in golf and landscapes. In cooler, temperate climates, established fine fescue lawns also have good drought tolerance, low fertility requirements and will tolerate full sun. Barenbrug offers all five fine fescue species for use in mixes for landscape, golf, erosion control, un-mowed naturalized areas and low maintenance turf areas; each providing unique benefits to maximize turfgrass sustainability.


Dunes Mix

Quality Mixture of Fine Fescues

  • High quality with minimal fertility requirements
  • Capable of close mowing heights, from greens height (0.2”) to rough-cut, or even a naturalized no-mow application
  • Grows in deep shade to full sun
  • Well-suited for temperate U.S. and Canada climates
  • Low growing, fine textured fine fescue mixture
  • Create the 'Bandon Dunes' or links-type appearance on your golf course or property
  • Great for fairways, roughs, and other low maintenance turf applications 

Where to Buy

Barenbrug is known worldwide for high quality fine fescue varieties. Our Dunes Mix is a superior quality mixture of these genetically advanced fine fescues. As the need for low-input grasses increases, more and more golf courses are discovering the benefits of fine fescue mixtures. It's no coincidence that two of the world's best-known, fine fescue courses (St. Andrews and Bandon Dunes) choose fine fescues from Barenbrug.


Our Dunes MixTM is a superior quality mixture of our genetically advanced fine fescues in Chewing's Fescue and Slender Creeping Red Fescue. Recently rejuvenated with improved genetics, these two types of fescue come together to create the “dunes” look found on many of the world’s finest golf courses. Going forward Dunes MixTMwill give its users improved density, a finer texture, and better stress tolerances of drought and disease.


Where to Buy

Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation (in.)
2" to no-mow
Mowing: High Input Min. (in.)