Barcrown II Slender

Creeping Red Fescue


  • Medium-dark green color with fine leaves
  • Forms a very dense turf 
  • Very quick green-up in the spring
  • Excellent for shaded areas
  • Very strong NTEP performance
  • Ideal in moderate, temperate climates
  • Mixes well with other fine fescue species

    Barcrown II slender creeping red fescue is the successor of Barcrown, a variety recognized worldwide. Barcrown II has medium-dark green color and exhibited very strong performance in the NTEP Fine Fescue trial. Very dense and fine leaved with a high shoot density, Barcrown II is ideal for close mowing applications and has a very quick green-up in the spring. It mixes well with other fine leaf fescues and has strong shade tolerance.