Bridgeport II

Chewings Fescue

  • Excellent seedling vigor and quick establishment
  • Exceptional density and fast spring green-up
  • Fine leaf Chewings fescue with medium a dark color
  • Strong shade tolerance to full sun in cooler climates
  • Moderately drought-tolerant in cooler climates
  • Remarkable under low maintenance conditions

    Bridgeport II Chewings fescue has excellent seedling vigor, exceptional density and fast spring green-up. A natural choice in moderate climates when quick establishment and dense cover are a must.


    This fine leaf fescue has medium a dark color, is moderately drought-tolerant, and is remarkable under low maintenance conditions. It mixes well with other fine fescue species, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial.


    Well suited for in cooler, temperate climates for full sun to moderate shade. A key component in Barenbrug's Dunes Mix of fine fescues.