Fescues by Barenbrug

With a very fine leaf texture, low growth characteristics and exceptional density, fine fescues are a common component of shade mixtures, erosion control blends, and low-maintenance turf in golf and landscapes. In cooler, temperate climates, established fine fescue lawns also have good drought tolerance, low fertility requirements and will tolerate full sun. Barenbrug offers all five fine fescue species for use in mixes for landscape, golf, erosion control, un-mowed naturalized areas and low maintenance turf areas; each providing unique benefits to maximize turfgrass sustainability.



Strong Creeping Red Fescue

  • Dark green color
  • High turf quality for strong red fescue
  • Fast spring green-up
  • Ideally suited in mixtures with other fine leaf fescues, perennial rye, and Kentucky blue.
  • Provides added density, fine leaf texture, and improved shade tolerance
  • Spreads readily with rhizomes providing density and recovery 
  • Prefers well drained soils / Tolerates lower soil pH. 

    Strong creeping red fescue is dark green in color and has good shade tolerance. They are also capable of spreading through underground rhizomes. Strong creepers are often known to build up thatch if not cultivated periodically. Best uses of this variety would include fairways, rough, lawns, and parks.


    Contender strong creeping red fescue is ideal in mixtures with all cool season species except Tall Fescue. Ideally suited for well-drained soils, this creeper exhibits strong shade tolerance, especially in drier conditions. Contender provides fine leaf texture, density, and the ability to recover from light damage. This fescue has high turf quality for a strong creeper, and will green-up sooner in the spring.