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Kentucky bluegrass is a strong turf component commonly used across the temperate and cooler climates of the U.S. Highly desired for its strong rhizomatous growth habit and unmistakable turf quality, Kentucky bluegrass is an extremely varied species. It may exhibit a multitude of unique, desirable traits that differ significantly from one variety to another, including color, texture, disease resistance, traffic tolerance and temperature tolerance. Barenbrug’s Turf Blue HGT and Turf Blue Pro blends have been trialed and tested in the market to bring out the best of each variety while being affordable to all end-users.

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Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Powered by the unique, top performing variety Barvette HGT
  • Combination of low thatch production and highly aggressive spreading
  • Unmatched Summer Patch resistance 
  • Contains Barserati, a variety selected for exceptional drought tolerance
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Turf Blue® Pro

Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Powered by the high NTEP ranking variety Barserati, an exceptionally drought tolerant variety. 
  • Extremely fast to germinate and quick to establish
  • Uniform medium-fine textured turf 
  • Excellent color, density, and overall turf performance
  • Excellent traffic tolerance and strong recovery
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