Duo Pro™

Perennial/Annual Mixture

  • 50/50 turf-annual/perennial ryegrass
  • Fast germination and establishment
  • Extremely traffic tolerant
  • Competitive exconomically versus perennial and intermediate ryegrass
  • Germination at low temperatures
  • Dark genetic color

As a Perennial/Annual mixture, Duo Pro can be utilized in cool-season and warm-season areas as an overseed. With fast germination at lower-temperatures, Duo Pro repairs cool-season fields during the worst of growing conditions, when the threat of thinning turf and annual bluegrass invasion is always present. Warm-season areas overseeded with Duo Pro achieve the look of perennial ryegrass with the lower cost of the turf-annual. During transition, this blend will still require chemical removal due to the perennial components. 

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