Turf Sense® is a unique program of turfgrass seed mixes designed by Barenbrug to provide professional seed solutions for the most common turfgrass needs.

Turf Sense


The Turf Sense product line features solutions for home lawns, landscape turf areas, and sports turf. Providing a wide range of desirable turfgrass traits, these products include deep roots and drought tolerance, fast germination with quick establishment, durability and the ability to recover and performance in full sun to moderate shade.


Featuring economy, quality, and the Barenbrug name for professionalism, our Turf Sense line of products provide brand recognition and a premium package ideally suited for a strong turfgrass seed program.


Why Turf Sense?
  • Complete product line for all turf uses
  • Convenient multiple package sizes
  • Mixes with reduced maintenance characteristics
  • Mixtures affording strong summer performance: full sun to moderate shade
  • Improved named varieties with high purity and germination
  • Ideal for residential and commercial turf areas plus recreational play


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