Turf Sense Products

Turfgrass Seed for Sun, Shade, and different climates

Landscape PRO:
Providing an all-purpose, economical turf mixture
for full sun to light shade. Featuring Kentucky Blue
and Perennial Ryegrass, Landscape PRO is well
suited for home and commercial turf.

Turf Sense Landscaping, Contractor, and Lawn Grass Seed Mix


Summer PRO:
Featuring 85% tall fescue, Summer PRO is
quick to establish and will establish a deep root
system for improved water efficiency and summer
performance. Full sun to moderate shade, Summer
PRO provides durable turf for both residential and
commercial use.

Contractor PRO:
An ‘all-purpose’ economical mixture designed for
fast establishment and covering the ground. Once
established, Contractor PRO provides a deep rooted
turf with very good heat tolerance and low
maintenance requirements.
Sunny PRO:
A full sun to light shade ‘all perennial’ mixture of
quality Kentucky blue and ryegrass. Uniform and
dense, Sunny Pro delivers fast establishment, very
good turf quality and perennial performance.


Shade PRO:
Well suited for those moderately shaded areas
where bluegrass and rye just won’t persist longterm.
Comprised of 90% fine fescues, Shade PRO
is slower growing and requires low fertility when
compared to other cool season grasses.

Bermuda PRO:
An uncoated blend of two quality bermudagrass
cultivars. Low water using with strong drought and
heat tolerance, this blend is ideal for full sun only,
southern and transition zone climate.


Quick Cover PRO:
An economical mixture featuring annual ryegrass
ideal for fast germination and to quickly cover the
ground. Ideal for keeping weeds in check, soil in
place and dust at a minimum. Quick Cover PRO is
best used late summer thru early spring. Will not
persist through summer months.

Sun and Shade PRO:
All-purpose mix for those lawns with both sun and
moderate shade requirements. Features Kentucky
blue, Perennial rye, and Fine fescues for strong
overall performance.





Sport PRO:
Featuring 85% Kentucky bluegrass and 15%
Perennial ryegrass, Sport PRO provides quick
establishment and strong traffic tolerance with the
ability to recover. A great play mixture. Ideally
suited for full sun to very light shade.