Fescues by Barenbrug

With a very fine leaf texture, low growth characteristics and exceptional density, fine fescues are a common component of shade mixtures, erosion control blends, and low-maintenance turf in golf and landscapes. In cooler, temperate climates, established fine fescue lawns also have good drought tolerance, low fertility requirements and will tolerate full sun. Barenbrug offers all five fine fescue species for use in mixes for landscape, golf, erosion control, un-mowed naturalized areas and low maintenance turf areas; each providing unique benefits to maximize turfgrass sustainability.



Chewings Fescue

  • Improved turf quality
  • Medium green color
  • Very dense, very fine texture
  • Dollar Spot and Red Thread resistance
  • Moderately drought-tolerant in cooler climates
  • Remarkable under low maintenance conditions

Chewing's fescue is typically medium green in color and has good shade tolerance. It has a bunch-type growth habit and prefers to grow in low nutrient soils as well as moderately cool climates like coastal regions of the Northwest and Northeast United States/Canada. Chewing’s fescues make up a part of Barenbrug’s popular ‘Dunes’ Mixture.


Sandrine chewings fescue shows improved turf quality over Bridgeport II, a medium green color, and is very dense with very fine leaf texture. It has excellent seedling vigor, fast spring green-up and is resistant to dollar spot and red thread. This fine leaf fescue is moderately drought-tolerant, and is remarkable under low maintenance conditions. It mixes well with other fine fescue species, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial.