Slender Creeping Red Fescue

  • Medium green color
  • Very fine texture
  • Good Dollar Spot and Red Thread resistance
  • Salt and drought tolerant
  • Very quick green-up in the spring
  • Excellent for shaded areas
  • Ideal in moderate, temperate climates
  • Mixes well with other fine fescue species

Slender creeping red fescue is not as dark in color as its “strong” counterpart, but is typically very dense, can tolerate low mowing (greens height), and offers quick spring green-up. It is also capable of spreading through underground rhizomes, however weaker than that of a strong creeper. Slender creepers make up a part of Barenbrug’s popular ‘Dunes’ Mixture.


Sprinkler slender creeping red fescue has a medium green color and forms a very dense turf with fine leaves and high shoot density. Sprinkler is ideal for close mowing applications, especially in stressful environments where saline soils and drought conditions are present. It has good dollar spot and red thread resistance, mixes well with other fine leaf fescues, and has strong shade tolerance.