Perennial Ryegrass

  • Improved Gray Leaf Spot resistance
  • Superior dark green genetic color
  • Quick establishment
  • Fine leaf texture with excellent density
  • Excellent traffic tolerance
  • Early spring green-up
  • Excellent to fairway mowing height 
  • Named "2020 Grass Seed of the Year"

A new Barenbrug release, Parkside perennial ryegrass incorporates turf quality and strong performance with excellent traffic tolerance. In fact, Parkside was named "2020 Grass Seed of the Year" from The Spruce. With strong grey leaf spot resistance, Parkside is an ideal component where disease resistance is a key factor. Dark green, fine-leaved and uniform, Parkside also exhibits very early spring green-up. Parkside does well in the Turf Star blend sharing an interchangeable spot with Pinnacle III as well as in the Turf Star RPR  blend.  


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Ideal for any golf course, home lawn, or even roadsides, Parkside is a quickly establishing turfgrass with a deep emerald green color. As the stand matures, Parkside creates a dense uniform stand, optimizing playing surfaces for any sport or home lawn. Due to its ability to endure a low mowing height, Parkside is a highly sought after variety for golf course fairways, approaches, or even bunker surrounds.



As a variety entered into the 2010 NTEPs, Parkside performed top of its class in several categories. It withstands low mowing heights, constant aerification and recovers rapidly when uniformity is disrupted. Parkside will germinate and establish vigorously with proper maintenance, accelerating the time it takes to create a dense stand. This perennial ryegrass contains novel genetics that enhances its ability to compete with annual bluegrass and ward off numerous common turfgrass diseases. For these reasons and many more, Parkside was named "2020 Turfgrass of the Year" by The Spruce.



Parkside is best seeded into full or partial sun areas in the fall or early spring when the day temperature is between 65 to 75 degrees. Newly seeded areas can receive a light topsoil layer to guarantee seed placement, but no more than 1/4 inch should be applied. Once seeded, light irrigation is recommended 2-4 times per day to keep the soil moist and to ensure seed germination. Germination should occur within 8 to 14 days with a fully developed stand by 4 to 6 weeks. Mowing may begin three weeks after seeding to maintain a height from 1/4 inch to 3 inches. For optimal results, perennial ryegrass should receive 3 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per year applied in the spring and fall. Summer fertilization should be avoided when possible to reduce turfgrass stress.

New Turf Seeding Rate:
6-8 lbs./M*
Existing Turf Seeding Rate:
4-6 lbs./M*
Overseeding Bermuda Rate:
10-15 lbs./M*
1,000 sq.ft.