Pinnacle III

Perennial Ryegrass

  • Excellent NTEP traffic tolerance performance
  • Ideal when paired with RPR as Turf Star RPR
  • Very strong overall disease resistance, including Gray Leaf Spot
  • Excellent mowing quality down to fairway cutting height
  • Excellent turf quality:
  • Dark green color
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Low, compact growth habit
  • Excellent density and uniformity

A third generation Pinnacle cultivar, Pinnacle III exhibits high endophyte, excellent dark green color, very
early spring green-up, and strong overall disease resistance. Adding strong traffic tolerance and Gray Leaf Spot resistance, Pinnacle III is a perfect companion when paired with Barenbrug’s RPR varieties in Turf Star RPR or in Turf Star. Providing color and turf quality, Pinnacle III also mixes with Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and other perennial ryegrass.

Seeds Per Pound