Annual Ryegrass Varieties

With the initial development of Panterra by Texas A&M, Barenbrug’s U.S. Research team took the promise of improved Turf Annual Ryegrass and developed the program into an ‘ART™ form’. Our Advanced Ryegrass Technology now encompasses four unique turf-annuals including Panterra, Panterra V, BarTerra and TerraBar.


Turf-Annual Ryegrass

  • Rivals quality of intermediate-ryes at turf-annual cost
  • Spring transition, non-persistent
  • Significantly lower growing with fewer clippings than predecessors
  • Ideal for late season over-seeding
  • Germinates at soil temps in low 40's
  • Fast germination with rapid establishment 
  • Featured in select Barenbrug SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses.

Barterra brings the latest in turf-annual ryegrass breeding and turf performance. Providing darker green color, finer leaf texture, improved density, and reducing clippings further, this third-generation variety excels each and every fall. This variety was bred to take turf-annuals to the next level and shrink the gap between annuals and perennials in the overseed market, while preserving natural spring transition. Barterra is featured in select Barenbrug SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses.

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