Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Featuring 5 high quality, strong performing bluegrass varieties
  • Ideal for all areas of Kentucky bluegrass adaptation providing exceptional turf quality and performance in all transition zone climates
  • Ideal for turfgrass renovation, new seedings, and as an overseed of bermudagrass (also known as the Bluemuda concept)
  • Excellent density and great color
  • Excellent Summer Patch resistance
  • Contains Barserati, a variety selected for exceptional drought tolerance
  • Very rapid germination 

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HGT® features the very best of Barenbrug's Kentucky bluegrass varieties. Starring 35% Barvette, and HGT Technology, HGT has outstanding bluegrass performance in the most difficult of climate adaptations, the transition zone. Due to Barvette's smaller seed size, 35% blend composition acts more like 50%. Combining Barvette's seed count with its extremely aggressive nature, users notice the power of this blend even before establishment. Quick to germinate with fast establishment, HGT provides early spring green-up, strong summer performance, and is ideal for use in all areas of Kentucky bluegrass adaptation, even in the hottest regions of the transition zone. 


Considering fairway renovation? HGT is a break through blend affording 'true renovation' and turf improvement without the need for glyphosate applications. Developed with inherent traffic tolerance and strong wear recovery, Barenbrug's HGT offers the golf course superintendent or sports field groundskeeper outstanding bluegrass turf performance and exceptional resilience to stress, insects, traffic, and the challenges of the game. It turns out that the nature of HGT also serves a purpose in the warm-season overseed market. Through its development, the Blumuda concept of over-seeding Kentucky bluegrasses into bermudagrass found HGT to be one of the best matches for cohabitation.


Barvette continues to surprise even those who helped create it and is gaining notoriety as one of the most unique Kentucky bluegrasses. Below you will find a recap of the benefits of HGT, which can be used to bring a bit of uniqueness to your own golf course, sports field, or other turfgrass area.


  • Rapid germination (10 days) and establishment 
  • Very early spring green-up
  • Excellent summer density and performance
  • Exceptionally strong resistance to Summer Patch
  • Very tolerant of bluegrass billbugs and white grubs
  • Extremely traffic tolerant with rapid recovery from use
  • An unorthodox combination of extremely aggressive nature with very little thatch production
  • Tolerant of fairway cutting heights of 0.5"


HGT is available in each of the following alternative forms:


  • HGT w/ Yellow Jacket
  • HGT Sod
  • HGT w/ RPR
  • HGT w/ RPR w/ Yellow Jacket


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