SuperCharged Bentgrass

SuperCharged Bentgrass vs. Raw Seed

  • Improved germination with limited water
  • Seedling protection against Pythium sp. for up to three weeks
  • Stronger, more extensive early root development
  • Improved germination with stronger establishment and uniformity
  • More easily controlled for uniform seed application
  • Seed is easier to see during application
  • Heavier seed moves more readily through turf canopy and is less affected from static-electricity
  • Ideal for greens, tees, and fairways

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What is SuperCharged Bentgrass?


Supercharged Bentgrass was a first ever combination of top-rated bentgrass varieties and Barenbrug's exclusive Yellow Jacket® Enhanced Seed Coating. More recently, Barenbrug and Tee-2-Green have partnered to offer the most advanced and recognized creeping bentgrasses available. Through our exclusive partnership, Barenbrug has supercharged Tee-2-Green bentgrass varieties and blends with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating.


How much better is SuperCharged Bentgrass?


Independent studies conducted at the University of New Mexico and Ohio State University both concluded that bentgrass coated with Yellow Jacket consistently out-performs uncoated bentgrass in all turf establishment categories such as: germination, seedling disease protection, and plant establishment when compared to uncoated varieties – all while reducing water consumption and establishment costs. 


At the University of New Mexico, Barenbrug compared Yellow Jacket coated seed with uncoated seed under conditions of both high moisture (96% E.T.) and low moisture (56% E.T.). At 92 days after seeding, coated seed showed an increase of 10 points in percent cover compared to uncoated seed at the high moisture content level. At the low moisture level, coated seed showed an increase of 13 points in percent cover. At Ohio State University, SuperCharged bentgrass even improved percent germination 7 days after seeding compared to uncoated seed. Improved germination and faster establishment are  critical factors in reducing seedling disease pressure, out-competing weeds, and ultimately bringing a bentgrass surface more quickly into play.



Brae Burn Club - West Newton, Massachusetts

Tim Strano, Golf Course Superintendent

“I have used Barenbrug Supercharged Bentgrass and yellow jacket coated seed since its’ introduction in 2008. It has consistently performed at a very high level.” 


Kirkbrae Country Club - Lincoln, Rhode Island

Mark Richard, Golf Course Superintendent

“A member of my crew, whom I refer to as the “Divot Master”, won’t let me use anything but Supercharged Bentgrass. He says it makes both of us look good, because it germinates more quickly than raw seed and requires significantly less water to establish.” 


Valhalla Golf Club - Louisville, Kentucky


Mark Wilson and his crew at Valhalla have used Barenbrug grass seed for a number of years. As host to the 2009 Ryder Cup - Mark and his crew had their hands full. With all that was going on he needed to know that his choice of cultivars would not let him down. The bentgrass he chose worked great and the course looked and played great!


SuperCharged Bentgrass Applications


Below you will notice the thorough portfolio that SuperCharged Bentgrass can be applied to. From Barenbrug's variety in Bengal, to the Tee-2-Green program, and even our competitors' varieties, there is surely a bentgrass for every type of end user. 



TourPro is at the top of its class in the new generation of bentgrasses which continue to push turf quality and disease resistance to new levels. TourPro quickly produces an elegant, low growing turf with a medium fine-leaf surface that is very durable. Rated #1 in Turf Quality in the 2015 NTEP Traffic Stress Trial. TourPro is highly recommended for use on putting greens and wherever a high performing, fine-textured, and disease resistant surface is desired.



Best suited for greens but it has also been adapted for use on tees, fairways, and approaches, L-93XD thrives in the cool, temperate region of the United States and is well adapted for the transition zone. This bentgrass was selected for its exceptional ability to stand up to disease ("XD" = Extra Disease Tolerance) while still producing a high-quality turf stand. It is a fine-textured, tough, beautiful bentgrass.



Bengal is a highly rated creeping bentgrass on the 2003-07 NTEP list. Bengal very high in the NTEP trials for drought-tolerance, spring green-up, fall color retention, and scalping ratings. This variety is a perfect choice in areas where water use is restricted. Bengal is a good bentgrass variety that can provide color early as well as later in the season. The recommended applications for Bengal include tees, fairways, or components of alternative uses like roadsides due to its low cost.



Our partnership with Tee-2-Green allows us to supercharge Tee-2-Green bentgrasses with our Yellow Jacket technology. The following bent varieties are available with Yellow Jacket coating:

Penncross                      Crystal BlueLinks

PennTrio Blend              Pure Select

Pure Distinction             PureFormance Blend

Penn A-4                         PennLinks II                   

Seaside II



With the results SuperCharged Bentgrass delivers, we often receive requests to provide coated varieties outside of our portfolio.  If there are others we don't currently carry, feel free to talk to a representative and we can look into acquiring and enhancing them with our Yellow Jacket technology. Below you will find the following varieties that we currently carry in stock:




Capri (Colonial bentgrass)


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