Festuca sp.

Sheep's Fescue

  • Unique blue-green color
  • Drought and stress tolerant
  • Strong heat tolerance
  • Low maintenance 
  • Ideal for naturalized areas
  • Excellent with wildflower mixtures

Sheep's fescue is often blue-green in color, has excellent cold tolerance, good drought tolerance, and moderate shade tolerance. It is adapted to high elevation areas and doesn’t do well in saturated clay-based soils. The best use of sheep’s fescue would be as a ground cover for erosion control or in very low maintenance environments due to its dense, bunch-type root system and low/slow growth habit. Improved varieties are an excellent choice for low maintenance areas such as golf course roughs, native grass stands, and wildflower mixes. Un-mowed, its mid-summer seed head adds beauty to naturalized landscaped areas as well.

Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation (in.)
2.5-(no mow)
Mowing: Min. (in.)