Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Top rated, compact NTEP evaluated variety
  • Excellent dark green color with very good density
  • Broadly adaptable variety for all geographical regions
  • Excellent close mowing tolerance with very good heat tolerance
  • Excellent in blends for for turfgrass sod production 
  • Featured in Turf Blue Pro and Turf Blue HGT

Barrister Kentucky bluegrass is a new release from Barenbrug USA. Extremely dark green in color, Barrister forms a compact, lower growing dense turf. With excellent low-mow abilities and disease resistance it makes an excellent sod and elite lawn component. Barrister has been rated as one of the top Kentucky Bluegrasses in the United States. Barrister if featured in Turf Blue Pro and Turf Blue HGT.


Seeding Rate
2-3 lbs.
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation
2-3 in.
Mowing: High Input Min
0.500 in.