Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Top performing variety in NTEP transition zone trials 
  • Quick to germinate with extremely aggressive establishment 
  • Extremely wear tolerant with excellent recovery
  • Very early spring green-up 
  • Resistance to summer patch and other diseases
  • Featured variety in Barenbrug's Turf Blue Pro Blend 

Barserati was a highly ranked bluegrass in the 2011 NTEP cycle. Barserati came out of the NTEP trials ranking high in turf quality, color, traffic tolerance, and disease resistance. It happens to be very drought tolerant as well. Barserati is the driver in the blend Turf Blue Pro and is a good fit for all areas where bluegrass is grown. 

Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation
2-3 in.
Mowing: High Input Min.
0.500 in.