Turf Blue® Pro

Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass

  • Featuring 4 high quality, strong performing bluegrass varieties
  • Powered by the high NTEP ranking variety Barserati
  • Barserati is also certified by the TWCA for exceptional drought tolerance
  • Extremely fast to germinate and quick to establish
  • Uniform medium-fine textured turf 
  • Excellent color, density, and overall turf performance
  • Excellent traffic tolerance and strong recovery

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Turf Blue Pro features a 4-variety blend of high performing Kentucky bluegrasses varieties designed to deliver on all desirable traits. This blend is quick to germinate with fast establishment, excels in traffic tolerance and recovery, and is very disease resistant. With early spring green up and strong summer performance, Turf Blue Pro can be counted on to provide year-round bluegrass quality.


This blend is powered by Barserati, a highly ranked bluegrass in the 2011 NTEP cycle. Barserati came out of the NTEP trials ranking high in turf quality, color, traffic tolerance, and disease resistance. It happens to be very drought tolerant as well. It is currently certified with the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance for its extraordinary drought tolerance. With Barserati, Turf Blue Pro is a good fit for all areas where bluegrass is grown. 


Turf Blue Pro is best used in cases where color and/or drought tolerance are necessary traits. These strengths make Turf Blue Pro perfect for the home and landscape sector but carries the genetics and tested performance to provide equally amazing results in golf and sports turf settings.


Turf Blue Pro is available in each of the following alternative forms:



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Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation
2-3 in.
Mowing: High Input Min.
0.500 in.
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