Contractor's Mix

Professional Quality Grass Seed

  • Shade tolerant 
  • Disease resistant 
  • Durable 
  • Dark green 
  • Rapid establishment
  • Cool weather germination
  • Requires low inputs
  • Medium texture

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Barenbrug's Contractor's Mix provides quick cover when needed, at any time of the year, at an affordable price.


Technical Information


This turfgrass mixture will germinate quickly to prevent soil degradation and provide erosion control in all conditions. This mixture will rapidly anchor into the soil substrate, later transitioning to a permanent crop and decreasing the likelihood of weed encroachment.



Best results are obtained when seeding in the early spring or fall, when daily temperatures range between 60 ̊F and 80 ̊F, as these conditions are ideal for seedling growth.
New Lawns/Areas: Remove all debris from planting area and rake or till to loosen the top 2in to 3in of soil. Level area and grade to drain away from buildings.

Overseeding Established Lawns: Mow the lawn as short as possible, rake thoroughly to remove any debris or dead grass and expose the soil.
Apply Fertilizer at its recommended rate. This ensures the soil has the right proportion of nutrients new grass plants need to become an established, healthy lawn.

Sow evenly over the planting area at the recommended rate. For new lawns and when treating bare spots gently rake seed into soil.
Watering: Keep soil moist by lightly watering 2 to 3 times daily until seed emergence is complete (2 to 4 weeks). Continue to water until the lawn has reached establishment (after 3rd or 4th mowing) then water as needed. Mowing: Plan to mow at 2-3in. waiting for the plants to grow to approximately 3-4.5in. tall. pro tip: avoid cutting off more than a third of the blade at once; it shocks and depletes nutrients within the plant.

Feeding: Regular fertilizer feedings are critical to overall turf health and vigor. Apply a follow-up feeding of fertilizer 4-6 weeks after establishment. Pro Tip: For best results, fertilize 4-5 times a year following an annual lawn care program.


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Seeding Rate:
8-10 lbs/M*
Mowing (Recommendation):
Mowing (Down to):
1,000 sq. ft.