Barbeta, Bargamma, Barlibro

Stoloniferus Perennial Ryegrass

  • Exhibits strong ability to recover from extreme wear and use
  • High endophyte content for improved stress tolerance
  • Strong disease resistance and insect tolerance
  • Extremely well suited for the fall over-seeding of bermuda tees
  • Extremely persistent into the late spring 
  • Featured in Turf Star RPR, Turf Blue HGT with RPR

Exclusive to Barenbrug, these RPR varieties were bred in the harsh summer Virginia climate. Identified as a new subspecies of perennial ryegrass, RPR varieties are labeled Lolium perenne ssp. stoloniferum. Producing determinate stolons from the plant crowns, RPR varieties are exceptionally traffic-tolerant with outstanding recovery from heavy use. They are ideal for all perennial ryegrass uses, especially sports turf, recreational turf and golf. Available in Turf Star RPR, and Turf Blue HGT w/ RPR.