Tall Fescue

  • Highly rated NTEP variety, 2001-05 Trial
  • Dark green color with good uniformity
  • Deep rooted turf with improved drought tolerance
  • High brown patch resistance
  • High in endophyte for improved summer / winter performance
  • Very quick spring green-up / Top statistical group
  • Good traffic tolerance

Barvado tall fescue was developed for improved turf quality, but more specifically, disease resistance. Given the breeder code EBP, for “Enhanced Brown Patch”, Barvado was bred from plants that survived severe brown patch outbreaks. With this enhanced disease resistance, excellent dark green color, and improved over-all turf quality, Barvado performed extremely well in the 2001-05 NTEP trials.


Lower growing with a medium leaf texture, Barvado also has a high live endophyte content. When found in tall fescue, endophyte provides improved disease resistance, strong insect tolerance, and significantly improved performance during periods of stress, such as high heat and droughty conditions. Barvado is highly suited for sod production, golf course, recreational turf, home and commercial lawn areas.


Component of Turf Saver RTF & Water Saver Pro



Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation
2.5-3.0 in.
Mowing: High Input Min.
0.750 in.