Elite Seeded Bermudagrass

  • Monaco elite bermudagrass is Yellow Jacket® enhanced for fast 'SuperCharged' germination, early establishment, and ease of handling when seeded
  • Tolerates mowing heights necessary for fairways and high-performance sports fields
  • Excellent density and wear tolerance
  • Bred for genetically darker green color
  • Has quicker spring green-up and high fall color retention
  • High winter hardiness

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Breeding Methods


Exclusively from Barenbrug, Monaco is continuing the legacy founded by Riviera. The newest release from the Johnston Seed breeding program, Monaco, Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon, is a synthetic variety produced by the intercrossing of five clonal parent lines. All seed is from the Syn-1 generation which results in superior genetic integrity and seed quality year in and year out. 


Turfgrass Profile


Monaco is a superior seeded bermudagrass that is excellent for use on golf courses, sports turf, and higher quality lawns. Monaco will break dormancy quicker and more effectively while providing a high quality turfgrass stand throughout the growing season. This plant was bred to have a genetically darker green color with excellent density and wear tolerance.


Monaco is a high performing bermudagrass in terms of quality and in time. The growing season will not only be extended in the spring, but in the fall as well with its high color retention. Its durable winterhardiness will result in a bermudagrass prepared to restart the process the next spring, delivering consistent conditions year after year.


Supercharged Bermudagrass Seed


Monaco is coated with Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating. Yellow Jacket is like having a sponge around each and every seed. Once water is applied, the coating holds that moisture and other nutrients around the seed - making them available as needed for germination and establishment. Without coating, the water simply passes the seed allowing it to dry out, resulting in more frequent watering and increased expense. 


Featuring advanced generation Azuba, a starch-based super-absorbent capable of holding up to 600 times its own weight in water, University of New Mexico trials demonstrate Yellow Jacket enhanced seed establishes faster than raw seed and requires less water. Faster, stronger turf establishment provides superior natural competition to weeds and disease. This results in improved turf quality, reduced establishment costs and faster utilization of a newly seeded area.


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Seeding Rate (lbs.)
Seeds Per Pound
Mowing: Recommendation
0.5-1.0 in.
Mowing: High Input Min.
0.250 in.
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