Annual Ryegrass Varieties

With the initial development of Panterra by Texas A&M, Barenbrug’s U.S. Research team took the promise of improved Turf Annual Ryegrass and developed the program into an ‘ART™ form’. Our Advanced Ryegrass Technology now encompasses four unique turf-annuals including Panterra, Panterra V, BarTerra and TerraBar.

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Turf-Annual Ryegrass
  • The original turf-annual
  • The world's largest selling turf-annual ryegrass
  • A component of SOS 400
  • Panterra provides all of the benefits of traditional annual ryegrass with significantly improved turf quality compared to Gulf annual ryegrass
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Panterra V

Turf-Annual Ryegrass
  • The second installment in the Panterra lineage
  • A major component of SOS 400
  • A favorite among overseeding end-users, provides all the benefits of traditional annual ryegrass with improved turf quality
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Turf-Annual Ryegrass
  • The latest generation in improved turf-annuals
  • A major component of SOS MAXX
  • The variety shrinking the gap between annual and perennial rye
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