Turf-Annual Ryegrass

  • Fast germination with rapid establishment
  • Unique overseeding grass
  • Easy spring transition, non-persistent
  • Significantly lower growing with fewer clippings than traditional annual ryegrass
  • Ideal for late season over-seeding
  • Germinates at soil temps in low 40's 
  • Featured in select Barenbrug SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses.

Bred by Texas A&M University Scientists, Barenbrug’s Panterra was the first true turf-annual ryegrass ever developed. Panterra germinates quicker and at lower temperatures than perennial ryegrass and naturally transitions when temperatures exceed 90 degrees, thus virtually eliminating the need for a chemical transition in the spring as bermudagrass or other warm-season grasses come out of dormancy.


Released in 2006, Panterra is a very economical turf-annual ryegrass that offers rapid establishment and easy spring transition. Advancements in breeding led to a more compact, finer texture, and darker colored plant that is exhibited in Panterra. This turf-annual was developed specifically for winter overseeding; displaying great turf quality on golf courses, sport fields, green belts, and other warm season turf applications. Panterra is featured in select Barenbrug SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses.

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