Inter-seeding brassica for multiple grazing
  • Fast growing
  • Improve the quality of existing grass pastures
  • Frost tolerant brassica
pinpoint bag 25 lbs

High-Yield, High-Quality Forage Rape for Your Livestock

Welcome to Barsica, the ultimate forage solution for livestock farmers. With its exceptional qualities, Barsica ensures that your herd gets the best nutrition while simplifying your farming practices.

Key Benefits of Barsica:

1. Outstanding Yields and Resistance

Barsica is a tall variety with high yields and resistance to lodging. This means more forage per acre and less worry about crop damage.

2. Excellent Palatability and Digestibility

Produce forage high in energy and digestible crude protein (up to 30% in leaves) with Barsica. Your livestock will love the taste, and you'll appreciate the nutritional benefits.

3. Robust Disease and Frost Resistance

Unlike other varieties, Barsica is resistant to powdery mildew, ensuring continuous palatability. Its good night frost tolerance means fewer losses during colder months.

4. Rapid Growth and Multiple Grazing Suitability

Barsica's rapid initial growth makes it ready for harvest in just 80-90 days from seeding. Plus, it's perfect for multiple grazing, providing a reliable forage supply throughout the season.

5. Versatile Planting Options

Spring-planted Barsica (April through June) can supplement perennial cool-season pastures in August and September. Alternatively, interseed with warm-season grasses to enhance feed quality.

Why Choose Barsica?

Barsica is part of the Pinpoint™ family of products, known for their precision and reliability. With Barsica, you get more than just forage; you get a dependable partner in achieving superior livestock nutrition., and CoverGraze™ families of products.