Natural area of golf course with beautiful, wispy seed heads in the rough.

Scottish Links

Fine Fescue Mixture
  • Quality turf even on unfavorable sites
  • Tolerant of reduced nitrogen and restricted moisture
  • Very good adaptation to both heavy shade and full sunlight
  • Adaptable to a wide range of soil pH
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Discover Scottish Links Fine Fescue: The Perfect Grass for Naturalized Areas

Elevate Your Golf Course with Stunning, Low-Maintenance Turf

Are you a golf course superintendent looking for a grass seed that can thrive in challenging conditions while maintaining a beautiful, natural appearance? Look no further than Scottish Links!

Why Choose Scottish Links Fine Fescue?

  • Quality Turf in Unfavorable Sites: Scottish Links Fine Fescue produces excellent turf even in areas with poor soil conditions or extreme shade.
  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements: This grass is tolerant of low nitrogen levels and restricted moisture, allowing you to save on maintenance costs.
  • Versatile Adaptation: From heavy shade to full sunlight, and across a wide range of soil pH levels, Scottish Links Fine Fescue adapts to various environments.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: When left unmown, this mixture provides an attractive, long-grassed links appearance that enhances the natural beauty of your course.
Awarii Dunes Golf Course with Scottish Links under a cloudy sky.
Scottish Links on Awarii Dunes' #17 Hole.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The Tradition is Mixed In: Scottish Links consists of low-growing fine fescues that are well-adapted to the harsh conditions of golf course roughs and bunker faces.
  • Maintenance Savings: By leaving the grass unmown, you can reduce maintenance costs while still achieving erosion control and adaptability under varying soil conditions.
  • Wide Range of Management: This mixture is suitable for a variety of management regimes, from golf course roughs to parks, home lawns, roadsides, and utility turf.
  • Can be Left Unmown: Cutting heights can range from 1.5 inches to unmown, with an 8 lbs. seeding rate reducing early summer seedhead development when left unmown.
  • Low Fertility Requirements: For optimal performance and stress tolerance, Scottish Links Fine Fescue requires no more than 2 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per growing season.
Awarii Dunes Golf Course with Scottish Links under a cloudy sky.
Scottish Links on Awarri Dunes' #13 Hole

Discover the Scottish Links Fine Fescue Difference

Elevate your golf course's naturalized areas with the stunning appearance and low-maintenance benefits of Scottish Links Fine Fescue. Our grass seed is specifically designed to thrive in challenging conditions, providing you with a cost-effective solution for creating beautiful, long-grassed links that enhance the natural charm of your course.