Pristine green fairway and rough on a golf course under a blue sky

Turf Blue® Pro

Quality Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Featuring 4 high quality, strong performing bluegrass varieties
  • Powered by the high NTEP ranking variety Barserati
  • Barserati is an extremely drought tolerant variety
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The Unbeatable Blend of Turf Blue Pro

Imagine stepping onto a field where each blade of grass is a testament to excellence. Turf Blue Pro is that dream made tangible. This blend isn't just grass; it’s a well-designed selection of four high-quality Kentucky bluegrass varieties, united to present you with a turf that’s not merely about appearance but also performance.

Engineered to Excel

Your turf battles the elements, and so should your grass selection. This blend is powered by the exceptional variety Barserati – an A-LIST certified variety known for its extraordinary drought tolerance and NTEP ranking for quality. Turf Blue Pro is your teammate in ensuring impeccable grounds under any weather conditions.

Key Advantages Just for You:

  • Early Spring Vigor: Say goodbye to winter blues with quick green-up as spring arrives.
  • Stellar Summer Performance: Through sweltering summers, your turf will maintain its lush demeanor.
  • Density and Beauty: The fine texture and excellent color of Turf Blue Pro makes it a visual treat.
  • Exceptional Endurance: With its traffic tolerance and vigorous recovery, regular play is no problem.
  • Less Watering Worries: Drought-tolerant genius means less stress on resources and your mind.
  • Quick Establishment: Our grass doesn’t waste any time – it’s fast to germinate and establish.

Every blade in the Turf Blue Pro family is generated with care to ensure that your grounds reflect nothing but absolute perfection. Whether it's the pristine environment of a golf course, the demanding resilience needed on sports fields, or the aesthetic poise for landscapes, Turf Blue Pro stands up to every challenge with grace.

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With Turf Blue Pro, transform your space into a year-round emerald oasis. It's not just proficient; it's bluegrass taken to professional heights, tailored for those who demand the best in color and drought tolerance.

Your Turf, Our Passion

Your work is more than maintaining surfaces—it's about creating experiences, memories, and joy. At Barenbrug, we share that passion. Our Turf Blue Pro is more than a product—it's a promise of enduring quality, just like the service you provide.

Ready for Remarkable?

Take the first step towards showcasing impeccable turf that's sure to impress. Connect with us today and discover how Turf Blue Pro can become the crowning jewel of your turf management. Because when it comes to excellence, both you and your turf deserve the professional touch.